Erin Andrews Makes My Man Parts Move

Apparently the season of Dancing With the Stars is coming to an end and Erin Andrews has reached the finals, what a surprise! The ESPN reporter — owned by Disney who also own ABC — is going to maybe win an ABC show. What an UPSET!

Then again, if she keeps making moves like those that she features in this quick romp on a bed with her dance partner maybe she’ll deserve it. Or not. I don’t know — or care.

I do however refuse to believe that she and her dance partner are NOT banging. I mean, you don’t do that many dry pelvic thrusts into each other without finally just banging it out, if only to relieve the tension.

After the jump her Samba dance that features some vivacious hip shaking and thrusting that reminds me of SOMETHING, I just can’t figure out what… It’ll come to me…