DeAngelo Hall’s Mouth Writing Checks He Can’t Cash

deangelo-hallLast season soon-to-be deposed quarterback JaMarcus Russell told reporters after an abysmal 14-22 performance for 109 yards, 1 INT, a fumble and 5 sacks that “I did a pretty good job.” At the time it made me say “I would like whatever drugs Jamarcus is on that enables him to hallucinate so powerfully.” Turns out I was right! He DOES do hallucinatory drugs!

Well it seems obvious the NFL needs to dispatch their drug testing squad to Washington DC to meet with Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall as he similarly is tripping. After spending much of his Sunday covering — or rather, ATTEMPTING to cover — All Pro receiver Andre Johnson, Hall was unimpressed.

“I gave him a lot of props during the game. During the game, he didn’t scare me. He didn’t do anything that looked spectacular. He didn’t do anything to make me feel like he was the best.

“Maybe the numbers indicate he is, but I didn’t feel that way when I lined up against him.”

Of course, Andre ended the game with a lowly 12 passes caught for 158 yards and a touchdown. PATHETIC! Hall wasn’t done though, he also had words for Matt Schaub, saying “We had him rattled. I felt like we were dominating those guys, hitting Schaub whenever we wanted to. He was falling down, you know, without anybody even around him, like Peyton Manning does a lot.”

Schaub finished the game with 497 yards on 38-52 passing with 3 TDs and an INT, yeah, sounds like he was TOTALLY rattled…

DeAngelo once was considered a top cornerback in the league, briefly, then, after signing a $70 million contract with the Raiders he immediately started tanking before being dumped by Oakland and then the Falcons before catching on with the Redskins.

Think before you speak DeAngelo, while Shaub may not be the best QB in the game, he sure can chuck the ball and Johnson definitely is in the top 3 WRs in the game so shut your mouth and let your play speak for itself. In this case, it says you weren’t up the task.

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