Chris Berman Could Maybe Possibly Leave ESPN

chris_berman_really_annoying_1On May 10, his 55th birthday, Chris Berman’s contract with ESPN expires and right now it is no guarantee that the network’s most famous face will return. The NFL Network and Direct TV are reportedly pulling out all the stops in an effort to get Berman to switch networks.

The president of the NFL Network is Steve Bornstein who rose up in the ranks with Berman and they have been friends for over 30 years.

I don’t have the NFL Network, Cablevision refuses to show it, so I for one am in FULL FAVOR of the NFL Network signing Berman. Hell, sign him to an exclusive 30-year contract, I’d be most grateful. Just think how much more delightful the Home Run Derby would be WITHOUT Berman who has called it for the past 20 years. Or any of the awful baseball broadcasts he has done in the last few years. Or just think about how much better you’d feel not having to see his hair plugs and tired nicknaming act any longer.

I’m already feeling a sense of calm, I just hope these rumors turn into fact and not just a negotiating tactic.

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