Cheerleaders Accused of Dressing too Skankily

Being on the Evansville, Indiana school board means making some of the hardest decisions possible; people think being the President is hard, but all government is local and no one has a harder gig than the Evansville folks. That’s because they are being forced to sit in judgement over the most important issue of the day: cheerleader uniforms. 

Over a dozen students and parents attended a recent school board meeting upset about the high school’s principal banned the Poms’ team uniforms. The issue, the uniform the girls were wearing contained spaghetti straps which are apparently not allowed in the school. It being Wisconsin, that’s not a TERRIBLE idea, but it shouldn’t be a complete ban, more like if you want to wear them you need approval; you know, so no fatties wear them… 


In the photo above the old uniforms, which the team has been wearing for years and that they purchased themselves through fundraisers, is on the right, the new, more demure uniform is on the left. Talk about TITILLATING! No wonder these uniforms were banned, I mean, look at all that exposed skin, besides the unflattering cut, long pants and loose shirt, she’s practically NAKED!

District Administrator Heidi Carvin was also forced to apologize to team members after they called her out on an e-mail she sent to a poms parent where she named dating violence, teen pregnancy and lack of respect for young women as issues of concern in the community. Because clearly these uniforms just OOZE sexuality. Whenever people say “when you dress like that you’re asking for it,” the type of outfits they are referring to are the one on the right. 

As part of their protest, the Poms team noted that the wrestling team exposes far more skin in their singlets and that the cross-country team is allowed to run in sports bras and short-shorts.

The school board announced their intention to form a committee to investigate the situation. Super! I’m sure that will get a lot accomplished.

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