Buy Chris Pronger’s Pucks

chris-pronger-picking-up-puckChris Pronger attracted attention when, after games 1 and 2 of the (surprisingly exciting and completely unwatched) Stanley Cup finals, he grabbed the final pucks. The Blackhawks were not pleased, particularly Ben Eager who presumably wanted the puck, which he used to score the game-winner.

Now, either Chris Pronger, or presumably someone else with a good sense of humor, has put up a Craigslist ad offering to sell the pucks, to local Philly residents only.

I have in my possession the official game pucks used at the end of Game 1 and Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals. These pucks are guaranteed authentic and have been obtained legally within the NHL Rulebook, even if Ben Eager and the Hawks don’t like it (see photos below). 

Selling for $2020 each obo. 

Local buyers only. Please do not e-mail if you live in Illinois. Also note that I don’t speak gibberish. 

I’m hoping to have two more pucks by Friday if you are interested and possibly more to come but not if an unnamed individual can’t stop a wrist shot from the top of the circle taken by a guy who has less career points in 255 games than I had this past season. 

E-mail to 

“Little things amuse little minds”

The fact that it’s a Hotmail account makes me hope that it’s real but for now I’m going to just assume it’s someone else. Regardless, this tickles me. Way to go Philly! Your normally worthless city did something GOOD for once! (PS: Why yes, my ankle is STILL hurting.)

Also, coincidence the ad was posted at 4:19?


and in case the ad gets taken down or whatever, here is a screen-grab of it