Baseball Can Be Dangerous

While Roy Halladay was experiencing baseball ecstasy with his perfecto Saturday, the Indians and the Angels were suffering their own personal torments when two separate incidents took their players off the field.

In New York, where the Tribe was taking on the Yankees, Indians pitcher David Huff took a line drive from the bat of Alex Rodriguez straight off the head. The ball ended up in mid-right field and Huff lay prone on the mound for several minutes as the training staff attended to him. With his parents and brother in attendance, Huff amazingly made it back to the stadium before the game was over, after a quick side-trip to the hospital where X-Rays and a CT scan showed no cranial fractures or concussion. Still, it was an awfully scary few minutes, particularly when Huff was lifted off the field on a backboard. He anticipates making his next start Tuesday.

Video of Huff’s injury HERE.

Much more devastating, was the Angels’ Kendry Morales who went from bliss to remorse in the time it takes to run the bases. Coming up in the 10th inning with the bases loaded, the score tied 1-1, Morales swatted a towering grand slam to send the Angels fans home happy. Or so it seemed.

With his teammates awaiting him at home plate, Morales leapt into the air to come down hard onto the dish, he came down with far too much force, breaking his leg immediately. His team piled on top of him at first, not realizing there was an issue. They quickly recognized the situation and the training staff came out to tend to the wounded slugger. There’s no timetable for Morales’ return, he underwent surgery Sunday on the leg and is likely to miss the entire rest of the season. If previous bad leg breaks (Jermaine Dye and Morales’ teammate Juan Rivera for example) are any indication, he’s likely to not regain his full abilities for well over a year; a crushing blow for an already offense-hungry team, especially when he was their main (sole) power threat.

Video of Morales’ boner here.

Based on this picture of Morales after the fall, it looks TERRIBLE.


I understand and appreciate that baseball is a game and that the season is especially long, and so it is necessary — and important — to have fun out on the ballfield, and what’s more fun than a good ol’ fashioned walk-off win, especially on a grand slam. HOWEVER, this everyone wait at home plate and beat the shit out of your teammate and jump on top of him bullshit has GOT to stop. It’s asinine, it’s idiotic and, frankly, I’m surprised that a lot more players don’t get hurt in them. They’re certainly more dangerous than the “bench-clearing brawls” that usually result in a whole lot of standing around and yelling instead.

It’s just like at the end of the season, during the playoffs every series win needs to have its own champagne-soaked celebration. It’s ridiculously stupid. “WE WON THE ALDS! WOOOO! Only 8 more wins to go!” I much prefer the way the NBA players do it, they win a series and they go right back to work, their jobs aren’t done. And that’s coming from a league where they have a player who makes $12 million a year and is being implicated as being a major marijuana distributor. The NBA is full of more malcontents, trouble-makers and just general pains-in-the-ass than any other league, and yet, still, they have a better handle on when to go to work, and when to celebrate.

Pull it together baseball.