Bar Mitzvah Takes on Boxing in Battle for Yankee Stadium

yuri-foremanOne boy’s journey into manhood has become a big-time battle as Jonathan Ballan, the boy’s father, is taking on famed boxing promoter Bob Arum in a battle for the Jews of New York.

Ballan, who was the lead attorney in getting the financing for the new Yankee Stadium has Yankee Stadium reserved for his son’s bar mitzvah on June 5, but Arum is trying to get control of the stadium in order to hold the stadium’s first boxing match on the same day. Uh-oh!

Arum’s bout, which would have WBA 154-pound champion Yuri Foreman (left) — an aspiring rabbi — against Miguel Cotto would presumably be a big draw in New York considering Foreman’s heritage and large Jewish following in the city. Arum wants to arrange the fight for after 11:30 pm so that those who are shomer shabbos in the Orthodox community would still be able to get to the stadium in time for the fight.

The Ballans thus far have not budged. Arum has upped his offer to the family, offering everyone at the bar mitzvah seats for the fight, a meet-and-greet with Foreman and the Yankees have also pitched in, offering the bar mitzvah boy and his friends autographed balls.

“The bar mitzvah saga continues,” Arum said.

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Stay strong little guy, who knows what else you can get out of this!