Soriano’s Car Can Play Music Loudly

Alfonso Soriano is one of the few players to ever reach the lofty 40-40 club and he has been well-compensated for his exploits, having earned almost $50 million in salary so far. It seems that he’s been putting the money to good use, for example, here he is with his custom Cubs blue painted H2 and one of the most ridiculous looking stereo systems I’ve ever seen.


That’s the type of stereo that could cause you to crap yourself I think. Awesome. Look out Chicago, I have a feeling you’re about to be blasted with the smooth sounds of Reggaeton at deafening levels. Enjoy!

I also sincerely appreciate the Soriano made sure to put his name on the front of the car. I know that if I were walking by that car in the parking lot I’d likely mistake it for my own so it’s useful that there is a sign there letting me know it is in fact, not mine.

[Home Run Derby]