Snow Causes Havoc Up the Eastern Corridor

snowcassellaAs snowstorms swirled across the Northeast, Baltimore’s game against the Bears was in serious trouble; the Bears were finding it nearly impossible to get out of Chicago and the Ravens’ stadium was doused in a heavy helping of snow. Worried about being able to get the stadium ready in time the Ravens looked to an unlikely source for assistance.

Joining the 700 workers at M&T Bank Stadium were 125 inmates and supervisors from a nearby prison in helping clear the snow from the field and stands. With 21 inches of snow on the ground, every helping hand was needed, it was the 7th-largest recorded snowfall in Baltimore history.

While criminals were clearing out the stadium in Baltimore, up I-95 the should-be criminals that are Philadelphia sports fans were having some fun playing with the snow that covered their stadium. With the San Francisco 49’ers in town, the Eagles faithful pelted the opposing fans with snowballs throughout the game as this video from the 700 Level shows. Based on the fact that there are already a number of these videos up from yesterday’s game, I think it’s fair to say that these were not isolated incidents from the normally sedate and friendly Philadelphia faithful.

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