My Favorite from Friday Night Lights

Wednesday night meant the beginning of the 4th season of Friday Night Lights airing on DirecTV. To celebrate one of the absolute best shows on television — that not enough of you are watching — here is the final of my three part series to get you more interested in the show.

FNL isn’t about football, despite the name, it’s about a city in Texas and the people and a community that defines itself by its football team. With excellent acting, particularly from Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler who are one of the best TV couples of all-time, and a strong ensemble cast, the stories are heart-felt, touching, humorous and exciting. And if you do like football, you have never seen more come-from-behind victories like Dillon High has.

This show is phenomenal, every single person I have introduced it to has fallen in love with it, you will too. All you need is a desire to see quality television and everything else will fall into place. Minka Kelly plays the role of Lyla Garrity, the former head cheerleader, super smart girl-you-always-wanted-to-be-with-but-is-always-with-someone-far-far-far-bigger-than-you. She’s not perfect, she cheated on her newly paralyzed boyfriend with his best friend in the first season, but she was only doing it out of grief and you know how that goes.

Regardless, she’s so smoking hot that I can even overlook the fact that Minka is dating Derek Jeter currently. Or that she hasn’t returned any of my phone calls, replied to any of my letters and seems to have ignored all those carrier pigeons I sent her way.

Sigh. So incredibly hot.