LeBron is on the Downside of His Career

lebron-jamesAccording to Dave Berri, an economics professor at Southern Utah University, NBA players reach their peak at 24 years old and then everything from there is downhill.

In an examination of every player from 1977-2008 Berri found that the average 24-year-old who plays 35 minutes a game is equal to 6 wins per season, After that point, the player’s productivity dips. There are exceptions of course, Kobe peaked at 24 (he was worth 15.5 wins a year) but at age 31 this year he’s still worth 14.3 wins. Then there is LeBron, last season he played 2/3 of his games at age 24 and was worth a fabulous 27.7 wins for his team.

He’s already shown that he’s over the hill; this season he’s worth a mere 24.2 wins. Pathetic. It’s sad when athletes just hang on.

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