How Tough are You?

If running through fire after having swum through freezing cold waters, running a cross-country race and going through a brutally difficult obstacle course in thick mud and the chilly English countryside sounds like a fun time to you, then the 23rd annual Tough Guy Challenge is just right for you.

Held on Sunday at the South Perton Farm in Wolverhampton, England, it featured competitors from 25 countries, and nearly 600 cases of hypothermia, including the eventual champion, James Appleton. There were 21 different obstacles along the way for the harsh race, whose own website says, “The event is uniquely fear ridden and you need to be fit in both body and spirit to survive the ordeal.” Don’t worry, these people aren’t putting themselves through a crazy endurance test for nothing, the challege is for charity with the money going to the Mr. Mouse Farm for Unfortunates, which looks after hundreds of retired horses and provides jobs to young offenders.

So there’s that too. Now, enjoy some photos!

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