Stephanie Rice: Just Like Us

stephanie-rice-6I must be prescient, I post that picture of Stephanie Rice yesterday and then BAM, today, pictures of her partying out come out. The world must love me. It seems that Stephanie and some friends went to Thailand for a weekend of funtimes and after agreeing to let some rando dude take a photograph of her Rice noticed that he kept snapping photographs for the rest of the evening.

Understandably she’s upset because she is 20 years old and wants to be able to just go out and enjoy herself like anyone else her age. I agree, she should be just left alone, with me, on a romantic date where she is wooed. But, since the pictures are out there, I’d be remiss to ignore them.

The Daily Telegraph, the newspaper that bought the photos fortunately also provides two other galleries with nearly 100 other Rice photos for our visual appreciation, so there’s that too.

Since the Olympics ended Rice has been keeping busy, signing an $800,000 contract with Channel 7, and recently filmed her first segment for Better Homes and Gardens. Now, after having not swum since Beijing she’s been getting back into the pool and starting her training once more. “I set goals for myself in Beijing and some (swimming) times I set I didn’t achieve, so I am looking forward to moving forward and that motivates me. But swimming careers don’t really last a long time. I really want to continue doing the TV stuff when I finish my swimming career.”

Sounds like a good plan to me. Anyhoo, the galleries are here, here and here and feature photos like the ones below. The photos from Thailand in the first gallery aren’t particularly interesting but hey, any Stephanie Rice makes me happy. Sigh. Swoon.