Boston Fans Remain Classy in Tampa

Last night at the Slopicana, the Old Scratch Rays took the season series against the Sox pushing their lead to 2 games with 10 to play and likely ensuring not only their first ever playoff appearance, but to win the division. Despite their success this year, the fans still haven’t been showing up enough, making it possible for Red Sox fans to buy tickets without a problem and make their voices heard, sometimes we wish they wouldn’t

Take for example Christopher Sciesinski, a Sox fan who attended the game and decided that it was appropriate to try and vault the dugout and run onto the field. The security folk jumped into action and nabbed him before he made it onto the field and took him into custody. While getting cuffed one of the cops pulled out his taser and held it against Sciesinksi’s neck, but never discharged it.


Things to love about this picture:

  • Who knew Wade Boggs was working as a security guard. Is this the appearances agreement he made with the Rays?
  • The security guard terrified of himself getting tased.
  • How much I want to know what the cop is whispering into Sciesinski’s ear.
  • The cop so desperately excited to get a chance to use his taser.

Clearly feeling lonely and outshined, later in the game Sciesinski’s friend Robert Mansour decided that he too wanted to taste the metal bracelets and got arrested after drunkenly starting a fight with another fan. That way they each had a buddy in jail. Now that’s friendship!